Supporting Parents Like You Since 1987

Where Your Family Comes 1st

Supporting Parents Like You Since 1987

Where Your Family Comes 1st

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Ayden, Chocowinity, Washington & Winterville, NC

Our Strong Core Values At Care-O-World


We lead with kindness every single day, both professionally and personally.


We play for a reason; it’s how children explore & learn, and we do it every single day!


We are always eager to teach and learn! We accomplish an amazing amount of important work.

Our Teachers Make All The Difference!

Highly Degreed Educators Who Absolutely LOVE What They Do

There is no doubt about it: a community is built by its members. Our teaching team will both guide you through the parenting challenges you experience, and help your child build deeper emotional connections, develop life skills, and prepare them for school.

What Makes Our Teaching Team Exceptional?

The North Carolina Birth-through-Kindergarten license allows Early Childhood Lead Teachers to work with young children, from birth through age 5 years, with and without disabilities, including those at-risk, and their families.
Highly Degreed Educators Who Absolutely LOVE What They Do
Highly Degreed Educators Who Absolutely LOVE What They Do

Get Daily Communication With Your Parent App: ProCare

When getting in touch with your child’s teacher is at the front of your mind, it’s also at the tip of your fingers with your 2-way communication app: ProCare Parent. Expect sweet pictures and daily updates, plus nap and diaper info for babies.

Exciting, Hands-On Learning Meets Kids Where They Are

Forget dry worksheets! Your child connects with new ideas at their own pace with interactive, age-appropriate projects from the Creative Curriculum® and engaging STEAM activities, all aligned with NC FELD and at a pace that suits them so they can grow and thrive.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
The North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development

- Dalai Lama

Smaller Classes Mean Your Child Gets More Attention

One less student per teacher than required by the state makes for a much more comfortable classroom. In a smaller group, teachers tailor lesson plans to your child and give them the one-on-one attention they need to hit their developmental milestones and learning goals.

How Our Ratios Compare

Teacher-to-child ratios required by the state Our teacher-to-child ratios
1:6 (Ones)
1:9 (Twos)
1:10 (NCPK room)
School Age

Wow! 2 Hours A Day For Fresh Air & Outside Play

On average, your little learner will spend 2 hours outside a day, which is more than any other preschool in the area. Time outdoors improves mood, memory, and behavior, and children learn the value of an active, healthy lifestyle early on.

The Outdoors Are An Extension Of The Classroom With:

- Nicolette Sowder

Your Go-To Source For School News & Reminders

Your Go-To Source For  School News & Reminders

Stay informed and connected with our monthly newsletter, packed with highlights of the month’s activities, special notes from teachers, and important reminders for parents. Get the inside scoop on what’s happening in your child’s education, and stay up-to-date on upcoming events and deadlines.

Both Food & Formula Are Included In The Cost Of Tuition!

How To Start Building Their Healthy Eating Habits Now!

As part of CACFP, your child enjoys healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks every day, made with local produce when available! Our on-site cooks make substitutions for individual dietary needs, and Weekly Vegetarian Day gets kids excited about trying new things.

Going The Extra Mile With Impressive Safety Features

Parents deserve peace of mind when it comes to their child’s care and safety! This is why additional layers of security can be found in each of our locations. It’s our duty to go the extra mile to protect your child, your family, and our dedicated teaching team.

5 Crucial Safety Features For Your Peace Of Mind:

What Our Parents Are Saying...

"I would def recommend. My child was cared for by them from a baby until it was time for Kindergarten!"

Towanna M Rouse

"The directors, staff, and teachers are all amazing! We’re so blessed to send our little man to a school he truly loves each day! ❤️"

Ni Kki

"Awesome place to work, and play!!! Thank you Care o World, Co-Workers, Participants, and Families!!!"

Angela Cuevas Pal

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